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Promoting better health through understanding the anatomy and physiology of the human spine.


Postura distributes educational 35mm slides of human spinal anatomy. These slides help demonstrate the effect of partial dislocations (subluxations) of the spinal column on bones, disks, and the nervous system (and thereby on other organs). The comparisons between specimens and xrays/MRIs promote a more accurate interpretation of medical images, and thus lead to better treatment and recovery for persons suffering traumatic or chronic spinal injury.

The slides are primarily of anatomical specimens (dissections), xrays, and MRI images. Some slides have illustrations, some have captions. These slides are of interest to medical professionals (Chiropractors, Orthopedists, Radiologists, Neurosurgeons, Physical Therapists, etc.), schools and libraries for training them, health advocates and public health libraries, and insurance and legal personnel.

Three sets of slides are currently available:

NEW! Overhead Transparencies now available.


 1) Subluxations of
     the Human Spine

 2) The Autonomic
     Nervous System

 3) Degenerative Changes
     of The Cervical Spine

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